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Today is October, 20th in the year of 2023 - a day of a very special release. The artist MYLE put together a full album with twelve absolutely amazing songs. The journey includes quite some rollercoaster, filled with emotions of the entire pallet. 

I had the pleasure to record drums & percussion for the entire ride and what should I say? Maybe that this album includes all my passion and creativity - packed into sounds and hits which I never was able to put together before. Big shoutout to Leon Würschinger, the producer who gave me the musical freedom, to do whatever I want and to completely dive into this amazingly arranged collection of musical. 


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Jasmin wrote this song some years ago and I got invited by my friend and producer Alex Roeseling to record percussions and some overdubs. 

This song deals with a well known and more than important topic, yet in very innocent way, which I had to underline with simple percussive elements and instruments - it almost feels like a child's story, filled with content for the next generation. 

It was a very special production and I want to thank you, Jasmin & Alex, to be able to contribute to this lovely piece of music. 


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A long awaited release by this amazing musician. It was and still is one of these songs which were sung the loudest by all the audiences he played for...and he finally dropped incredible piece of music this year. 

For this production I had to focus more on overdubs, ear-candy and layerings. It is quite a challenge not to overload emotional songs with percussive sounds and yet to fill all the required gaps to not let it fall into too much 'ballad-mode'. 

A wonderful song produced by an amazing team. Thank you as always Leon Würschinger (Producer) for bringing me in - it was a true pleasure! 


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This song contains definitely quite some percussions and a couple of drums which were recorded and produced in my little home studio. It's always pure bliss to work with Leon Würschinger (Producer) and MYLE himself. The amount of thought and creativity which goes in every production is truly remarkable. 

Production-wise the drums are in this case a contrasting protagonist to underline patience from a completely different perspective. They are quite busy and upfront to strengthen the aspect of actually not being patient - which is often a problem in any kind of relationship. 

I love it and am honoured to be a part of this piece. Click on the cover to stream the song. Enjoy! 


HOPE NOTES | Qismat {Episode 1/7}

Live from the Queen Elisabeth Hall, London, UK.

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Tim and I know each other for a longer time now. We met in 2018 during the Popkurs Hamburg and created a lot of music together. He is an incredible musician with multi-talented features: slaying the vocals, insane guitarist and super awesome producer and mixing engineer. 

He asked me during the covid-lockdown if I could add some drums to one of his singles. What started as a regular recording job ended up in being a wonderful path of creating a piece of music together which has both our hearts and souls included: huge drums, synth-walls, guitar solo and even a key change try to accompany Tim's vocals. It was a true journey - and I believe so is the song. 

We hope you enjoy!



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